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Our kayaks and paddles are made according to the highest quality standard. Vortex kayaks is a brandname of Double Dutch, so you can rely on over 35 years of experiance. Our head office is based Netherlands where we will continue to create, design and develop our paddles and kayaks. 

Vortex kayaks and paddles are made of ultra-high-quality materials. This assures a longer lifetime of our boats and paddles. 
We are dedicated to produce the best shapes and highest quality products for you!  And will continue to innovate and create new products and production methods to make even better products in the future ! 

Our products are made to last for a long time even when used under the extreme sircumstances it get to withstand in canoe polo.

More about us & Technology


Experts since 1979

Innovators, not immitators was our slogan back in the 80's and that's what we still stand for! Read more about our production methods and technology.   Pressure moulding & Seamsless infusion

Ordering & dealers

You have the choice to order online or to buy from one of our dedicated dealers.  
Paddle delivery only € 15
Kayak delivery as of € 65 

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Quick delivery

Paddles usually can be delvered from stock within a few days and kayaks within 3-4 weeks. If you need a new boat within a very short time ( 2-3 wks) you can request for our quick delivery service* Ordering & quick delivery

Club & teams, riders

Clubs & teams can request our special club deals & prices with extra discount.  We work with Riders and ambassadors for promotion of our products. Contact us if you think you fit in our RIDER team.  Clubs, teams, rider


PRE ORDER your boat NOW
  • GET BOAT COVER with value of € 109 FREE
  • GET FOOTREST with value of € 49 FREE 

To pre-order contact us by e-mail to request a personal discount voucher to use in our webshop.
This offer is also valid if you order from one of our dealers.  

Offer is valid for the first 10 orders we receive or until 15-3-2023  
No rights can be claimed from this offer and offer is not in combination with other offers/discount

Carbon Infusion technology
New comfort seat
  • Comfort seat
    Most polo seat are hard and not very comfortable to sit in. Our new seat is  made with a pre-inserted foam paddding on the back to offer more comfort.  Also it will be adjustable to move the seat to your prefered position with only 4 screws.  When the final mould is ready we will test it first to get the desired strength.     More info coming when we have it :-)


About Us

Vortex kayaks is a brand name of Double Dutch Sports a world leading company in kayak & paddle development and production since 1979. With Vortex we fully focus on ultra-high-end competition kayaks and paddles for kayak polo. Our experience in product development in combination with using the latest materials and production methods has resulted in a great new polo boat, the VX1. Available in XS, S, M , L and in a PRO-CARBON  or CLUB-CARBON construction.  Also we have recently upgraded the production methods we use for our polo paddles in order to have a fully consistent quality. We guarantee that all products we produce are made according to our quality guidelines and high standards.  Double Dutch Sports produces paddles for polo ( Vortex )  slalom, sea, touring, white water, dragon, rafting ( Double Dutch )  and stand-up-paddling ( Supr paddles )



Our staff is dedicated & experienced in their work. Most of our workers love to be out on the water to paddle in their free time. They bring a lot of know-how and added value to our company. We feel fortunate to be a leading and innovating brand for that many years. We’re committed to continue what we do for so long.  Our mission is to make a positive difference by creating a successful environment to share the love of our sport.

 We are very proud of what we do in our industry. For more than 40 years we create, innovate and produce high-end polo kayaks and polo paddles for competition and leisure usage.



Go for gold, Go for fun, Go vortex kayaks